About Fabster Industries

Fabster Industries is a rising brand in the automotive fabrication world. We strive to design and manufacture our own product line of the highest quality, mostly around the VAG line-up. Our expending machine shop opens an world of infinite possibilities. With creative minds behind it all and a detail oriented execution, our mission is to craft and deliver relevant solutions to improve the cars in different aspects. We care about the satisfaction of our worldwide customers and seek to go a step beyond fullfilling your expectations.

Fabster Industries as a Brand

We constantly continue to develop and grow our offering with products of uncompromised quality we are proud to offer and stand by.

We take pride in our work in both an aesthetic and pratical way. That way, form and function blend together to deliver superior value. Each part is carefully thought of and engineered to be top-ranking in it’s category, and sometimes even in a class of it’s own !

The in-house production, including CNC machining and TIG welding, allows us to keep a close eye on the result before shipping them worldwide

Design and Manufacturing

In parallel with the in-house production, we also accept other projects, in or out of the automotive world. If you need custom parts made, please contact us. You might not be alone, and your idea could also help many others.

You can contact the team or give us feedback in the contact page, or at info@fabsterindustries.com

Thank you for choosing Fabster Industries for your next parts.